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Shrinkable Emergency Bottle

Shrinkable Emergency Bottle

Shrinkable Emergency Bottle

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- SHRINKABLE DESIGN and no extra bottle needed.

- HELPS KIDS OUT for emergency urination in vehicles. 

- RESOLVES SAME PROBLEM FOR ADULTS on rush hour during heavy traffic, etc


"Definitely Armageddon every time when my 9-year old babe started struggling, begging and yelling around in the sedan that she needed to pee at once when we were driving fast like wind on a highway as you know it's quite dangerous and impossible to pull over so it all ended up a bloody hell that she'd have to hold it hard there till we hit next check-point or rest area. OMG I swear never want to see my babe's tortured face fighting her own pee ever again so me and my husband went on the cyber afterwards and finally bought her a SHRINKABLE & PORTABLE URINAL as a gift and god bless the gadget perfectly worked and now whenever there is a call of nature coming up to my babe in the vehicle she gives it a direct and prompt answer with the urinal, no more yelling, screaming or suffering and my family got amazingly saved!!"👍👍

Breathtaking Features:

UNISEX DESIGN FOR EVERYBODY: The accordion design is suitable for adults, kids, women, and men of all ages. 

It is hygienic, flexible, hermetic, a good choice for travelling and backpacking.

SAVE SPACE: It's shrinkable design helps save space and is easy to carry in a bag. It is a necessity for long-distance car driving, outdoor camping activities, etc.

LEAK PROOF: Its sealing performance is great, it will not leak even when turned upside down. 

Product Details:

DURABLE MATERIAL: The blue shrinkable urinal is made of PP Environmental protection material, with high toughness, strong anti-aging ability, long durability. Moreso, it is easy to clean and reused after cleaning.

PORTABLE & SHRINKABLE: Diameter: Approx 2.76 inch/ 7 cm. The length is 15cm/ 5.9 inches. It will expand up to 31 cm/ 12.2inches when the shrinkable urinal stretches. And the maximum capacity it can hold is Approx 750ml. (enough for three times of full urinal disposal)

Package Includes:

1x Pee Bottle

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