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Guide to Cute Korean Crop Tops

A lot of Korean women fashion is inspired a lot by the dancing as dancing studios, kpop and dancing in general are popular activites among Korean women and men alike. As a result crop tops that have been otherwise frowned upon in the conservative Korean culture have begun to gain traction and have become widely popular among Korean women.  If you've landed on this page, you're most likely looking for the trendiest crop tops that are fashionable in Korea right now currently in 2020.

Korean fashion is all about accentuating cuteness with a mild touch of sexiness without exposing too much shoulder, cleavage or skin. If you're not careful with crop tops in Korea you may end up getting unwanted negative attention in public regardless of how cute you look in it. Hopefully this guide will give you some idea on what type of crop tops you may feel  would best fit your comfort zone and wardrobe and what to avoid.

The Knitted Crop Top

Knitted & Cardigan crop tops are in right now in Korea and can be seen by celebrities like Lisa from Blackpink sporting them in their music videos. They are not only cute but super comfortable if you are into dancing or even other physical activity or sports like yoga. One big difference between traditional crop tops and  Korean style crop tops is that Korean crop tops do not show cleavage as Korean culture is still conservative and showing too much cleavage is often frowned upon and can even be scandalous in some cases.

The currently trending & popular colors for crop tops in general are pastel colors if you want to go for a more sweet look but the traditional black and white are also popular and even striped ones can look great.

Long Sleeve Crop Top 

Korean women tend to love clothes that accentuate their figure without overdoing it. Long sleeve crop tops have been in style in Korea for decades namely for that reason. They are cute yet subtly sex at the same time, two attributes Korean women seem to love. It excudes innocent and cuteness effortlessly as demonstrated by I.U in her music video.

So if you're looking for something a bit more reserved and less sporty look, you may like the long sleeve crop top. If you like the shirt worn by IU in this gif, you may also like to check out our similar loose long sleeve crop top at klucent.com.

What's great about long sleeve crop tops is that they can be worn more comfortably and without justification outside the dance studio.

Of course there are sexier variations for long sleeve crop tops as seen in the picture of Jennie rocking a more fitted long sleeve crop top.

Slightly more casual and less revealing Korean style long sleeve crop top worn by Korean instagram model boram_jj. Koreans love to match tightly fit crop tops with retro looking baggy or bootcut denim jeans to balance out the silhoutte of the outfit.

The button up long sleeve crop top like seen below is also highly popular among Korean women as the amount of skin &cleavage they show can be adjusted depending on the setting they are in.

More exclusively Korean style crop tops can be found for a more affordable price in online Korean brands like chuu or stylenanda. You can also check out our own crop top selection with free worldwide shipping at klucent.com.

One thing Koreans love to do is to size it up with the sleeves. In fact loose fitting clothes are seem to be preferred over figure fitting ones by many Korean women and men. Fitted crop tops are super cute but not everyone has the same confidence to wear such tops like the Korean instagram models and the girls from Black Pink all the time. You may also feel shy about showing too much stomach or back in Korea during seasons other than summer, so we've selected some Korean style crop tops that  you can actually adopt to your everyday wardrobe without feeling like you're out of your comfort zone.

Loose Shirt Crop Top

What's great about this type of crop top is it exudes the current aesthetic of korean fashion with its loose and wide sleeves. This is a crop top that can be worn casually anywhere almost like a t-shirt as it's both comfortable and very subtle about revealing too much skin. If you're looking for a crop top you want to wear everyday, the loose shirt crop top might be what you're looking for.

Some more examples of the wide loose crop top. Super subtle, yet cute and obviously Korean. If you like this you can check for  more details here.

Creating a balanced silhouette by combining the oversized & loose crop topitem with a more fitted pair of pants is a great way to make your overall outfit look even more Korean. As demonstrated by the model above, tightly fitted high waisted pants worn with the loose crop top can complement each other quite well.

T-Shirt Crop Top

If you're completely uncomfortable with crop tops but still want to experiment with the Korean style crop top look, you can also just get an oversized T-shirt and improvise a crop top with a knot like demonstrated by the model below.

The shirt also looks great worn normally as it's both trendy and suits the current aesthetic of Korean fashion.

If you like this particular shirt, you can check out the details here.

Celebrities like I.U can also be seen wearing crop tops like this.

So that's it. Ultimately, you should just try out whatever crop top you feel best suits you. Whether it suits the Korean fashion trend should not  matter, but We hope this guide helped you get a better insight into how Koreans wear their crop tops and what to look out for and what to avoid.

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