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Super Cute Korean Outfit Ideas for Women

Shoping for Korean style outfits can become daunting task especially because most Korean style clothing is only sold by korean brands or websites that are hard to navigate and charge exorbitant shipping fees. Hopefully this guide can give you some tips along with some  ideas on how to make your outfit a little bit more Korean without breaking the bank.

1. Every Day Korean Girl Top

Koreans love to wear this outfit for everyday activities. It is composed of a loose fitting shirt with tighter shorts or skirt.

Top: Striped Long Sleeve Collared Shirt
Bottom: Raw Edge Denim Skirt

If you're walking down the Garusogil between Spring and Autmn, you'll most likely see at least a handful of Korean girls with this type of outfit. It's a very simple yet stylish Korean outfit any girl can try out as it's super comfortable and conservative yet trendy. It basically consists of a loose fitting shirt or blouse that can be tucked in with a pair high waisted fitted skirt, pants, or jeans. It's perfect because it can be worn in both casual and semi-formal settings. Like this shirt? Check out for more details here.


Some other variations of this concept can be seen from korean online brands like mixxmix. Basically this outfit concept can be interchanged with any top or bottom as long as keep the top slightly loose and bottom fitted.

If you're not living in Korea and wondering where you can find these fitted pants and mini skirts, you can find them easily in stores like Levi's, True Religion, Everlane or Zaras. 

You can go super loose with the top and it will still look stylish and very Korean.

2. Tucked in Sweater 

Korean girls love their loose sweaters and turtlenecks with slightly longer sleeves when it starts getting chilly. Just make sure to tuck it in with the high waisted skirt of pants to balance our your overall outfit's silhoutte. If you're not in Korea and want one of these sweaters that can tuck in easily at an affordable price, you can check out stores like Zaras or UNIQLO as they usually have a lot of selection for thin and stylish loose sweaters.

The red sweater below is from chuu.co.kr. It's similar to the first look- loose fitting top with complementary tight fitting bottom to balance out the silhoutte. It's incredibly popular look Korean girls love to sport during the colder weathers - Loose fitting warm top and high waisted pants or skirt. Check it out here if you love this look.

If you're looking for a more preppy or formal look, you can go for a  sweater like this.

This look can look great even with more fitted tops like seen below. This outfit is from popular online Korean store, mixxmix.

3. Vintage Classy Look

If you're looking for an outfit you want to wear in more classy settings or formal settings like a date, you can go for a more fancy looking top like in the example seen below. This cute outfit is from Korean online store chuu.co. 

If you're looking for an even poshier look that will make you look like a rich girl straight out of a K-drama, you can check out our outfit set which  can be found here.

 Remember I.U from Hotel Del Luna? Well if you like that vintage posh look, you can get every piece straight out of your H.M shop.

Cream Tie-Collar Blouse, $74.95, H&M
Dark Beige Checked A-Line Skirt, $29.95, H&M
Beige Bow Low-Heeled Pumps, $86, Pazzion

4. The Posh Office Girl

If you work in a professional environment everyday or just looking for that outfit that makes you look incredibly professional and posh, you can try out the posh Korean office girl look. This look is usually sported by Korean women working in offices as well as young Korean moms. 

Korean women love their white tops with khaki and beige colors jackets, but mixing in some muted pastel colors also works fine with this look.

5. One Piece Denim Dress

The one piece denim dress with two front pockets is in right now. Korean girls love to wear them high waisted with an adjustable strap but it looks just as trendy without one.

Love this dress? This one is from popular Korean online women's clothing store, liphop.com.

If you are outside of Korea and unsure where to get a denim dress like these, your can check out Levi's as they usually have a good selection of denim dresses.

 We also have our own selection of denim dresses and offer free worldwide shipping. You can check them out here

6. The Crop Top Look

Many Korean girls are still shy about wearing crop tops, but if you exercise or go do dance or yoga studios regularly you shouldn't shy away from them. They're gaining popularity among Korean girls especially during summer time. Just be careful to go with crop tops that don't show too much cleavage as it can get you unwanted attention in Korea. 

Korean girls like to wear their crop tops with high waisted skirts or shorts. If your crop top is fitted, go with a wide or loose skirt or pants, if the crop top is loose and wide, go with a more fitted bottom. Sometimes a loose top can look fine with loose fitting shorts or dress, just make sure to balance out your overall silhoutte.

You can check out H & M for a big selection of cute sexy denim shorts

The crop top blouse is super trendy right now and also very conservative. You can find the blouse above from chuu.co.kr.

7. The Overalls Look

Don't shy away from overalls as they are not only comfortable but can look totally cute. 


8. The dress


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