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As a mom of two I've tried my fair share of tools to trim delicate nails without screaming or blood drawing; this one is a winner. My very wiggly baby allowed me to file all ten of her fingernails in about five minutes. I filed each one with the softest file pad and then buffed with buffer pad to remove any rough edges. She was awake and happy the entire time

Emilia Maynard

Don’t hesitate to buy this! I waited 10 months to purchase and regret not getting it any sooner. Trimming nails is no longer an Olympic sport. It’s so quiet I can do it while baby sleeps. Best part, I don’t have to wait till he’s asleep to trims his nails. Even if he wiggles like a worm it won’t hurt him once it touches his skin. It either slows down or stops. Works so quick. Comes with extra pieces.

Christine Nowak

Works perfectly for my baby. I can even trim her nails while she is awake and she’s not scared at all, that quiet. Usage is easy, I just contour to the shape of the nail so I won't end up with the sharp edges.

And what set this item apart from other similar baby manicure set in the market is they include a spare set of grinding heads. So, you don’t have to buy additional that may cost you almost half of the price of the unit while some don’t sell replacements at all.

Jenny Busch
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